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Lamp Repair and Restoration in Stuart, FL

In every community, decorators and interior designers have little secrets. They know area businesses they depend upon to provide that special accent to complete their décor. On the Treasure Coast, The Lamp Connection is one of those little secrets.

One of the services that our customers rely on us for the most is our lamp repair and restoration service. The craftsmen here can repair bases, recreate adornment, and often make an antique lamp look like new. While many lamp companies can rewire lamps, we actually offer restoration work. Don’t throw out that favorite piece or your grandmother’s beautiful lamp—bring it into The Lamp Connection and see if it can be repaired.

Whatever your decorating style, from primitive to contemporary or mid-century to modern, The Lamp Connection has a lamp or lampshade to meet your needs and fit your newly restored lamp perfectly.

How does it work?

Our repairs start with a four-point inspection for safety purposes during the process of repairing and restoring your lamp:

1. Does the lamp have a polarized plug?
A polarized plug has one blade wider than the other so it fits into an outlet only one way. If your house only has the older style receptacles with two openings of equal size, either have the receptacles replaced or install a plug adaptor.

2. Are the wires connected to the proper terminals?
With a polarized plug the wide blade which connects to the neutral side of the outlet should be connected to the threaded part of the socket. The narrow blade which connects to the “hot” side of the outlet should be connected to the center portion of the socket. If the wiring is reversed, you could get shocked if you touch the metal parts of the lamp and a grounded device, such as a sink faucet. We use an instrument called a continuity tester to make sure the connections are correct.

3. Is the lamp cord safe?
The insulation on cords becomes stiff and brittle as it ages. Eventually, it cracks and might even flake off the wire creating a shock and fire hazard. Don’t try to solve this problem with tape. Replace the cord. Cord replacement is also the best fix for a cord-mounted switch.

4. What if I have faulty mounting?
We also check to see that any cord-mounted switches are working properly and are properly polarized. We will also check for broken parts that may need replacement.

Reliable repairs

Next, we’ll repair any structural (non-electrical) damage to the lamp itself, rebuilding, repolishing, and retreating, porcelain, wood, metal, and other materials to look like new. If your lamp needs a new shade and/or accessories, feel free to browse the huge selection of shades and finials available from The Lamp Connection.

For a quote, talk to us about your repair needs.
(772) 221-0222