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About Our Team in Stuart, FL

The first thing you’ll notice about The Lamp Connection when you walk through the doors of our packed showroom in Stuart is the great service you’ll get. We hold our staff to the highest standards, like we have since we opened over 15 years ago. We’re proud to be a local business that still operates using a personal touch that can only come from human interaction. When you come to our location, you’ll be able to find a lamp, a shade, or lamp accessories without having to worry about being on your own.

Where we started

Our founder, Arlene Lagana, is celebrating 15 years since opening The Lamp Connection, located in Stuart, FL, with three storefronts of floor-to-ceiling shades and custom shades and lamps, as well as an island aesthetic that would look right at home in a Tommy Bahama-style room.

When Arlene opened the business, it was a 1,200-square-foot storefront—it has since grown into 3,600 square feet. The Lamp Connection has grown famous in the area for having a large stock of American-made lampshades. “When people walk in the door for the first time, they are surprised,” Arlene says. “We constantly hear, I’ve never seen so many lampshades in one place!”

As our fame grew, so did the store. It’s now three storefronts and includes workroom. Stock also grew to include Florida-manufactured lamps, including some custom lamps created by The Lamp Connection staff in the workroom in very limited editions. “Our customers drove our evolution,” says Arlene. “If customers ask and we can do it, we want to accommodate them. We don’t just talk about customer service—it’s who we are. We don’t know how to be any different!”

With 30 years in the lamp business, our founder has a large staff with the experience needed to succeed. More than retailers, they are artists with cheery dispositions, and our store is their happy and bright gallery.

Top-quality design

Designers and customers travel to The Lamp Connection from Palm Beach Gardens, Vero, and beyond because of the extensive gallery of shades, custom lamps, custom finials, lamp parts, expert repairs, and restorations. You will also find one-of-a-kind lamps, mini-lamps and custom lamp pairs made by store staff from beautiful Murano glass or ceramic décor. Top those off with one of the thousands of affordable glass, shell, or ceramic finials—many are made in the store.

The lamp and shade designs are elegant and fit many design styles, including Florida-friendly décor. Our founder is proud of her business model: “From the start, we have made purchasing products in the USA a priority.”

Come down to our showroom to meet the team!
(772) 221-0222